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Dive into the intricacies of a significant hack, dissecting its magnitude and significance. Best practices for incident management
• Optimal responses and key takeaways
• Challenges encountered by security professionals

  • How are industry players coping with lack of qualified human resources and gender gap?
  • How are cybersecurity teams organized? Best practices and effective models.
  • Navigating the Life of a CISO: Combatting Pressure and Burnout


Sanja Kekić, President, Women4Cyber Serbia

Jasmin Azemović, CISO, HTEC Group

Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes. How to protect your business?

• Implement cybersecurity basics to reduce the risk of cyber attacks & train your employees

• Implementing measures to protect privacy & IP assets from theft or unauthorized access by cybercriminals

• Incident Response Planning and risk aversion education

  • Dejan Đukić, CEO, RNIDS
  • Duško Martić, Head of Content Secuirty, United Group


A chance for all attendees to meet up, chat and exchange their experiences.

Explore the heightened vulnerability of Fintech organizations to outsider threats

• Strategies for Identifying Primary Risk Sources
• Cloud Ecosystem: Effective Third-Party Risk Management
• E-banking and Mobile app security/evaluation and testing

  • Dejan Dušić, Group CISO, Agri Europe Cyprus
  • Denis Darabašić, CISO, AIK Banka
  • Miloš Krunić, CISO NLB Lease&Go Slovenia, Serbia & N. Macedonia

The role of machine learning algorithms in threat detection and response, the ethical implications of AI in cyber operations, and strategies for bolstering cyber resilience in the face of sophisticated AI-enabled threats.

• Analyzing the industries targeted by over 50% of ransomware attacks: banking, retail, and utilities, alongside the broader impact on other sectors
• Understanding the financial burden: Who bears the cost of ransomware incidents?
• Assessing regulatory frameworks required by different industries to combat ransomware threats
• Defining liability boundaries: Where do responsibilities lie in ransomware scenarios?
• Examining societal implications: Considerations beyond financial impact in dealing with ransomware incidents

As cyber threats evolve, social engineering emerges as a potent weapon exploited by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities within organizations. Join us to delve into the rise of social engineering tactics, specifically phishing attacks, and understand why vigilance is paramount in today’s cybersecurity landscape.
• Unveiling Social Engineering Attacks: Exploring the landscape of social engineering and the deceptive techniques employed by cybercriminals to exploit human vulnerabilities.
• The Anatomy of a Phishing Attack: Understanding how phishing attacks leverage trust, imitating credible sources, and employing persuasive scenarios to deceive individuals into divulging sensitive information.
• The Human Element in Cybersecurity: Recognizing that not all hacks involve keyboards, emphasizing the role of human error as a significant factor in successful social engineering attacks.
• Strategies for Prevention: Exploring proactive measures and best practices to prevent and mitigate social engineering attacks, including user education, robust security protocols, and technological solutions.

A chance to get some food and keep the networking going.

• The fusion of humanity and technology: Implications for security evolution
• Attention on developing tools to detect and mitigate the impact of deepfakes

Dragan Pleskonjić, Founder, Glog AI

Jasmin Azemović, CISO/University Professor, HTEC Group

This panel offers a comprehensive exploration of cybersecurity from a legal perspective, covering crucial aspects:
• Privacy in the Digital Era: Delve into the intricate landscape of digital privacy rights and challenges. Understand evolving privacy laws, data protection regulations, and the balance between individual privacy rights and cybersecurity imperatives.
• Building Resilience in Cyber Defense: Explore strategies and legal frameworks aimed at fortifying organizational resilience against cyber threats. Discuss incident response plans, risk management, and legal considerations in mitigating cyber risks.
• Laws and Regulatory Frameworks: Examine the evolving legal landscape governing cybersecurity. Gain insights into NIS2 regulative and national laws addressing cybercrime, data breaches, intellectual property rights, and cross-border data flow.
• Judicial Outcomes and Case Studies: Analyze landmark legal cases and their implications for cybersecurity. Review judicial approaches, precedents, and outcomes in cyber-related disputes, shaping the legal understanding of cybersecurity.

Another chance to get to know other attendees and get some refreshment.

Unlocking the potential of hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP offers rapid product deployment. However, the challenge remains in striking a balance between speed and adhering to compliance, managing risks, and combating a growing array of security threats. Can CNAPP pave the way for simplified cloud-native cybersecurity?
• Uncovering obstacles to achieving cloud-native security
• Evaluating the effectiveness of various cybersecurity tooling strategies: CSPM, KSPM, CIEM,
CWPP, IaC, EDP, HIPS, and the emerging CNAPP
• The struggles and barriers for Cyber Security Teams within the standard DevOps framework

•  Strategic Positioning: Discussing comprehensive strategies and solutions for securing digital transformation addressing complex challenges in modern infrastructure.

Time to wrap up the Cyber security Summit with a few closing remarks.

This is a preliminary program and is subject to changes in timings and content.

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