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Start making your plans now to attend the Cybersecurity Summit on October 30, 2024 in Mona Plaza Belgrade. 

This regional cybersecurity conference will provide the opportunity for an in-depth exploration and networking with the leaders in the field.

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Cyber Security Summit, Belgrade 2024

An Exclusive Interview with Dragan Pleskonjić

Discover the world of high-tech entrepreneurship and cybersecurity with Dragan Pleskonjić, a CEO and expert in computer and information security. With over a decade of experience, Dragan leads successful teams and spearheads innovative projects in cybersecurity and software security, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Explore his groundbreaking initiatives such as Glog.AI for software security and INPRESEC for predictive network security. This post is available in English and Serbian.



Cyber Security Summit, Belgrade 2024

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Cyber Security Summit, Belgrade 2024

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Cyber Security Summit, Belgrade 2024